Axioma Teatro (Paraguay)

Axioma Theatro is a group from Asunción, Paraguay, created in March 2011. Its members learn acting, singing, literature, poetry and body language at the Lourdes Llanes Art Academy.
Since 2014 Axioma Teatro was selected to represent Paraguay in various International Theater Festivals held in Germany, Canada, Italy, Ukraine, India. Being this the first time in Austria.
AXIOMA TEATRO has a pedagogical theater approach that always invites reflection and explores various artistic techniques. The plays are jointly created between the young actors and the directors. And they are characterized by their strong visual impact and by reaching the hearts of viewers of all ages.


Theatru Skepsis – Romania

Skepsis Group was founded in 2002. at Alba Julia University in Transylvania, Romania.
Back in 2006 we founded an NGO in order to develop and expand the social, cultural and artistic life of the community. The group has developed by participating in intensive trainings every year – studying the Stanislavski system, Brooke's perspective on acting, ancient theatre and Commedia dell’Arte. 
Skepsis organization functions now as an independent art theatre, uniting professional and amateur artists, and has its own youth academy with programs for children, high school and college students (Skepsis Studio). The group currently has a high number of performances in various genres, from commedia dell arte, to classical, modern theatre and theatre of absurd. Original performances are created every year. Since 2014 Skepsis group organizes APOLLO - International Theater Festival every year with the support of the Municipality and other cultural institutions and sponsors.


Basic School of Art – Prague (Tschechien)

Basic School of Art is the afternoon school, and it is the regular part of Czech educational system. The members of the group V.I.P. work once a week for 3 lessons. The play We Three and Holden grab the interest of the group on the beginning of this school year. The first night show was on 24. of February this year.


Performing Arts Studio (Israel – Tel Aviv)

About the studio: The Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio in Tel Aviv, founded in 1988, is one of Israel’s leading acting schools. It is located in the city’s most neglected district. It offers professional acting studies that involve cooperation with the local community. In preparing for careers in acting, students lead 19 theatre groups in the community such as: children of impoverished immigrants, young people with emotional problems requiring special care, the elderly, blind and partially blind, homeless youngsters, refugees' children, and many more. This group is representative group of our activity. They are working together for 4 years.

The Studio has participated in numerous international projects organized with theatres and theatre schools throughout the world, including Piccolo Teatro di Milano, Ilhom Theatre in Tashkent, a project with children in Essen, the Paolo Grassi theatre school in Milan. Additionally, the studio participates in numerous international festivals: Europe festival, ITS festival Amsterdam, ITSELF festival Warsaw, your choice festival Moscow, Blumenau international festival Brazil and many more



The studio was founded 22 years ago in the city of Shoham in Israel by EUGENE NACHT with the intention of popularizing theater and educating students in a professional manner. At the studio, the students learn theater acting and movie acting. The studio is divided into groups according to age and into professional groups. Every year the studio organizes at least three shows in front of an audience. Many of the former students of the studio are active today in the showbusiness. From 2009 the Studio is a associate member of CEC of AITA/IATA. From 2008 till today, our Studio participated in more than 15 international theatre festivals with plays and workshops.


Geblertheater, Oberstufen Ensemble - Wien (Austria)

The "Geblertheater" was founded 21 years ago, when I first took over the theatre-group at our school, Grg17 Geblergasse. From the beginning on the ensemble consisted of 10-18-year-old students. As the number of members constantly grew, I split the group according to age.

The "Antigone-ensemble", however, is a mixed group with five girls between 12 and 13 years of age and a larger group of students between 15-18, which makes it rather special. The younger ones will not be present at the festival in person, but their parts will be filmed and the theme-song recorded. We meet regularly during the year in the appointed lessons but have rehearsals at the weekends before the show, usually ending in jolly come-togethers at my studio where we also celebrate our after-show-parties. The oldest members of the group have been part of the ensemble for eight years and are particularly looking forward to ending their school-theatre-career on such a special note as the BRUCKLINN festival.