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26/06 - 01/07/2023 | Innsbruck / Austria

This year the grand finale of the three-staged children’s and youth festival BRUCKLINN - Youth Theater Building Bridges will take place in Innsbruck. Children and adolescents will conquer Innsbruck’s stages from June 26th to July 1st 2023 and perform their plays at a variety of theaters.

On the first two days, Monday and Tuesday, children’s theater groups are invited to perform their productions at the „Brux - Freies Theater Innsbruck“. International youth theater groups will perform at several different stages in Innsbruck from Tuesday to Saturday. You are invited to spend five days with us in Innsbruck and take part in the theater festival’s diverse program. Plays from all over the world, workshops, opportunities for networking and exchange, board and lodging and much more are offered.

In addition to the participants, the program is accessible to the general public, giving anybody with an interest a glimpse into the vast variety of different cultural approaches to theater.

Neben den Teilnehmer:innen ist das Programm zugänglich für Publikum und bietet so allen Interessierten Einblick in die Vielfalt kultureller Zugänge zum Theater.




Children and Youth Theater builds bridges between cultures, languages, generations ... This year's international encounters are entirely in line with the motto connACTed: We connect by acting and watching plays together.

„I perform, therefore I am. I perform with my body and language, in which all of me is, even more, than I realise. I perform with who I am, with what I am and what I could be. I perform with others, perceive them, react to them, and observe how they see me. “

„I discover that we show ourselves by acting out our situations. We approach each other, hug each other, get in touch with each other. And recognise parts of ourselves in each other.“

„And I encourage others to perform, tempt, entice them to the play, to transform, to gather, to recognise one‘s
own situation and the joy of being, and being for others - in the play and thus in life - that we can say: “We play, therefore we are!“ (Rellstab 2000, Verlag Stutz Druck AG)



… Application Criteria

  • National children's theater groups without overnight stay for: Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th of June 2023.
    • Requirements: Ages 6 to 12, group size max. 15 participants, duration of one piece max. 45 min, participation in an entire morning or/and afternoon
    • We offer: Stage, technology, lunch, feedback, exchange
  • National and international youth theater groups including overnight stay from: Tuesday, June 27th (arrival and opening) until Saturday, July 1st, 2023 (departure)
    • Requirements: Ages 12 to 23, group size max. 10 participants, min. one accompanying adult, duration of one piece min 30 / max. 60 min, you must cover your travel expenses.
    • We offer: A platform for young theater: workshops, exchanges, events, a stage at a theater in Innsbruck for the performance, catering and accommodation from Tuesday to Saturday for all participants.

Important information: The participation of youth groups is only possible if they are present from Tuesday through Saturday. We appreciate your understanding!


… Hard Facts

  • Date: June 26th until July 1st 2023 – Monday and Tuesday for children: participation every morning and/or afternoon; Tuesday until Saturday for adolescents – participation on all 5 days.

  • Location: Innsbruck/Tyrol/Austria: the venues consist of various stages in Innsbruck, and a hostel for the accommodation of the adolescents.

  • Who: National children and national/international youth theater groups from schools, clubs, theaters, or other institutions.

  • What: plays, performances, etc. – maximum duration of 10 to 45 min (children) and 30 to 60 min (adolescents) in any language
  • We offer: stages; technology including a music system, lights, and an on-site stage technician; catering included for all participants; accommodation for adolescents.
  • What must not be missing: A declaration of consent from the legal guardians along with a GDPR; consent to the image and sound rights of all participants.
    • The travel expenses for the youth theater groups must be covered by the participants

… Application

This year, three children's theater groups along with six youth theater groups can join the festival. The decision will be made by a specialist jury and will be made by the 14th of March.

Please send the completed application form via email to: info@youngacting.at and a short video via youtube-link (an excerpt of a past or present play or a presentation of your group) - both by February 28th. Thank you!

… Contact

Young Acting - Schauspiel für Kinder und Jugendliche

Dreiheiligenstraße 17
6020 Innsbruck
+43 699 10888157
ZVR: 011524950


In cooperation with the Tiroler Landestheater, the Exl-Bühne-Gedächtnis-Privatstiftung and the Theaterverband Tirol.


3 Steps

"Brucklinn - Youth Theatre Building Bridges" is THE theater festival format by and with children and young people.

In the middle of Innsbruck, a colorful, varied and freely accessible program of performances and workshops for the whole family takes place, while at the same time artistic and cultural exchange opportunities bring together young people from all over the world.

In the period from October 2020 to June 2023, a progressively international youth theater scene formed, which annually develops plays on different focal points and these were first brought to the stage in June 2021.

Under the motto #bedifferent, 20 theater groups presented their plays in 2021 - locally in Innsbruck and online for the whole world.

In summer 2022 - national groups will be invited to show their participatory created theater pieces with children and young people in Innsbruck and to give space to the artistic diversity of young people.

In 2023, the network of international theater groups will be our guests in Innsbruck in the grand finale. The live premieres of the most diverse forms of children's and youth theater from all over the world will crown the three stages of Brucklinn - the festival that forms the bridge for young theater.


Green Event

  • We ask all participants and visitors to use the resources energy & water sparingly.
  • We ask the visitors to arrive by public transport. There will be no free parking for cars. If it is not possible for you to travel by public transport, we ask you to carpool.
  • All our locations are barrier-free. If you have any questions, our team will be happy to answer them. Please contact Verena Wechselberger: +43 (0)676 584 8895